Something really cool happened in the restaurant world this past week.  The Michelin Dining stars were given out in Singapore.  That is cool, but the really cool part happened at the Chinatown Complex.  It is a huge outdoor venue where you can get your eat and drink on. 

Literally if you cannot find your fix there it may not be anywhere,  anyway I digress. The really cool part is that one of the hawkers (as they are called) received a Michelin star!  Cue the sound of the record scratching to a halt,  but zis is impossible (said in my bestest snobbiest French accent). Au contraire mes amis, it happened,  it really did. 

Every morning Chan Hon Meng gets up before the light of day,  and heads into Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle,  as some of you may know,  I love simple names and that name says it all, the entire menu in the name. Once he gets there he goes to work making his Soya Sauce Chicken,  apparently as the name of the shop says, you can get it with rice or noodles. Now as a Michelin star “restaurant” you may ask yourself how much do I have to pay for this dish?  It is roughly $3903.00, I know what you are thinking,  WHAT,  WHO DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS!  I’ll break it down for you,  $3000.00 for the flight to Singapore,  $900.00 for the hotel and spending money for a couple of days and 3bucks for the chicken (including tip).  As Mr. Meng says,  a fair price for the meal. It’s as awesome as it can get! 

Now to be fair I’ve never been there,  but hey,  the guy has a line up everyday from open until he runs out.  They can’t all be crazy.  

This guy does it all,  virtually by himself day in day out and he wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Now of course being the guy that I am (cheap and impatient).  I decided that I would forego the trip to Singapore this week and try to make it myself.

While I’m sure that my version was not anywhere as good as Mr. Mengs, in my opinion mine turned out pretty good, check out the pics below. 

Charlie APPROVED! 

What can I tell you,  people will drink sand when they don’t know what water tastes like.  Poor kid. 

But I still thought it was pretty good. 
Leave me a message if you want the recipe! 

 Thanks for reading,  Gerald