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Gerald Tritt – How to Avoid Barbecue Blunder #3 – FLIPPER THE CLOWN

Gerald Tritt wants you to stop FLIPPING!

In this episode of Top 4 Barbecue Blunders, Vera’s Burger Shack  Co-owner, Gerald Tritt explains barbecue blunder #3 – Flipper the Clown: Your spatula is for turning burgers, NOT for flipping them every 20 seconds. Over-flipping will take the juice out of your burger and cause your patty to disintegrate on the grill. Don’t be “Flipper the Clown”. Share your barbecue tips in the comments below! For more information on purchasing 6-packs of Vera’s tasty fresh handmade burgers for you to grill at home, visit our website and our Facebook page.


Gerald Tritt Flipper the ClownGerald Tritt says: “Don’t be Flipper the Clown!”

Vera’s Burger Shack began as a beach concession at Dundarave Pier in West Vancouver in 1977 under the watchful eye of Vera and her husband Frank. Vera prided herself on serving fresh, delicious, homemade food. She had a passion for looking after the people who would come down to the beach, sometimes daily, to get one of her tasty burgers.

As Vera and Frank got older, they decided to temporarily hand over day-to-day operations to their granddaughters while Vera searched for the perfect candidate to carry on the Vera’s Burger Shack legacy into the new millennium. Enter Gerald Tritt, a family friend, and no stranger to a great hamburger.

Gerald Tritt took over concession operations in 2000 with a promise to continue to build on the legend that began with Vera and Frank. Noah Cantor, another professed burger aficionado, partnered with him a year later to craft a burger experience all about fresh, delicious, homemade food in a friendly, comfortable environment. That’s why Vera’s only serves hand-crafted burgers freshly made in-house daily and prepared to order from top tier ingredients – each one joyfully assembled by great people who love what they do and who they do it for.

On Gerald Tritt and Noah Cantor’s watch, Vera’s only uses fresh beef, and creates your burger just for you when you order it – so it may take a bit longer. Every Vera’s burger is cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F, slightly pink in the middle, and delicious throughout. Our double-fried freshly cut fries, made from golden Kennebec potatoes, are more than slightly addictive. Our milkshakes are made with real ice cream from the milk of BC dairy cows and our signature Vera’s sauce is prepared fresh, in-house, and is so good, you might want to drink it straight from the cup!

Vera’s has gone from a stand-alone shack on the beach in West Vancouver to 17 locations across the Lower Mainland and one lone shack in the Nation’s capital. Vera’s dream of an exceptional burger experience has grown into a network of well-run burger shacks led by a dynamic group of franchisees committed to Vera’s single, unifying vision of burger excellence.

We hope you will love every one of your experiences at Vera’s. If you don’t like something, please let us know and we’ll fix it. That’s how we keep getting better.

We serve an honest burger. We believe it’s a big part of why we’ve consistently won “Best Burger” awards for 10 years in a row and counting. Thanks for being a part of Vera’s story so far, and for helping us live up to our cheeky slogan – “You Can’t Beat Vera’s Meat!”



  1. My dad had taught me that don’t flip or push down on your patties when they are on the grill. It’ll squeeze out the juices and you’ll end up with tough and dry burgers. His saying, “Let the burgers do their thing.”

  2. I love seasoning my patty with sea salt!

    • GeraldTritt

      June 16, 2016 at 4:37 pm

      Thanks for the comments, I typically season my Burgers by mixing the seasoning into the meat. I know that goes against the don’t over work the meat theory, but as I like using a char broiler, the surface seasoning can have a tendency to fall off. Further we use a different spice mix, when we have tried to flat top it with our spice mix, it tends to clump.

  3. Hahahaha!! I love this blog! Flipper the clown!! Arghhhhhhhhh! Nooooo! I kill you if you flip my burger like that 😡
    I didn’t know the onion trick to clean the grill. Such a great idea!
    Thanx Vera’s! 👌🏻

  4. good stuff

  5. Never grill cold meat

  6. If I ever was guilty of flipping burgers too much, this video has taught me not to do that! Thanks!

  7. Don’t be too eager to flip too soon! Let that char do it’s job! mm… flavour…

  8. Awesome tips. Thank you.

  9. Definitely know a couple of clowns! We end up with “ground beef” and make tacos!

  10. Great Video Series – helps me resist the temptation to flip and smoosh down.

    Burgers last week were mucho betterino!

  11. i usually soak pork side ribs with soy sauce, honey, garlic, ginger for overnight, the second day load them with some potatoes , corns, green pepper, wait for about 40 minutes them you will have yummy stuffs for your family, thanks for the $50 credit giveaway(from Mei Ling Liu)

    • GeraldTritt

      June 18, 2016 at 6:22 pm

      Great tip, but remember when you start with the ribs, trim them and remove the membrane (this may be another video…..)

  12. Use a thermometer to get the meat to cook exactly how you like It.

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